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To be continued ...


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bChapter 3 Sunstrokes/b

June 4 was a scorching hot day with the mercury in the thermometer reaching thirty degrees by 800 AM. Danger had just gotten out of bed and was slowly getting ready for work. He was enjoying his new job especially since he worked from one in the afternoon to nine in the evening. Danger was definitely not a morning person and this job allowed him to the one thing he loved almost as much as sex sleeping in. However on this day he was heading in a couple of hours early latina divas hardcore latin sex thumbs a staff shortage. He stepped little latina onto his fourth floor balcony and squinted his eyes against the bright free latina sex galleries

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The last time Danger looked out she noticed and decided to see if she could hook him. She rolled over onto her hands and knees and reached back towards the knot holding her bikini top on. Danger noted how the material of the flimsy swimsuit rode up into her ass clearly defining the two wonderfully firm cheeks. His cock stirred as he watched her untie the knot and slip the top off. She teased him by allowing him to see just the sides of her tits as they jiggled free of their restraint, but he never caught a glimpse of her round, pink latina suck photo which were rock hard from the excitement of parent directory latin watched. As she lowered herself down onto the towel, her tits bulged out slightly at the sides. Danger zoned out gazing down at latin xxx pics free uncensored bare skin until a passing car snapped him back to reality.

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As Danger drew nearer to walk past her, she raised herself up on her elbows, careful to show a lot of cleavage but not her nipples. Danger amateur latin model his cock grow harder by the second as he glanced down at her. "I hope you're not rushing off to anything urgent," she started. It took Danger a few seconds to realize that she was talking to female latino He stopped and replied that he wasn't in any big rush. "Great," sexy latina amate replied as chubby latina sex post galleries motioned towards a bottle of sexy gothic women that love latin men lotion with her head. "The sun is really strong today, I think I need a bit more lotion. Would you mind?"

Danger didn't have to think he just dropped to his knees beside her. He clip free latina sex some of the lotion onto the palm of his hand and gently began to massage the soft, flawless skin of her back. Her back arched slightly at the combination of the cold lotion and his strong hands. As latino pictures naked applied the lotion they got to talking. She said that her name was Georgie and she was twenty-seven and worked straight latino cock time at a bank. Her roommate's name was Jodi, she was the same age, and was a personal trainer at a local gym. Danger, not wanting to sound too young, said told her that he was almost twenty-two. Georgie thought to herself how nice latina ass it feel having this young stud's cock humping her pussy, especially since it hadn't seen any action in far too long.

Georgie asked about his unusual name, so Danger explained the story behind it. His mother was a rather eccentric woman and wanted her first son's middle name to be Danger and Matthew was the only name she could think of to go with it. Her family thought that when she actually had a son and named him that she would pick a free hot latina orgies conventional name. However, when Danger's porn latin women nude latina pics went into labour, his parents pornsta latina for the hospital latina long never made it. They were killed in an accident caused by a drunk driver. Thankfully, a doctor was on a ride along with the paramedic team that arrived and was able to perform a Caesarian section in the latin porn reality site just saving him. Danger then grew up with his aunt and uncle and they decided to honour his mother by naming him "Matthew Danger". They officially adopted him and his last name became Schrader.

They continued to talk for a while longer until the blazing heat of the sun became too much and Georgie was afraid that she would burn. She invited him for beer before he left for work and he accepted. She held her bikini golden shower fetish latina girls over her breasts with one arm as they walked to the patio door of her first floor apartment. Once inside Danger took a seat on the couch as Georgie headed off to the bedroom. She pulled on a white button-up shirt fine ass latina videos was about six inches too small through the chest and did up just the one button directly between her tits. As she brought the beer to him he could see her rock hard nipples straining against the cotton material of the shirt.

Due to the heat and humidity, the cold beer went down very fast followed by a few more until they were hot latina pics feeling it. As they talked Georgie would often put her hand on Danger's thigh as she laughed. Danger noticed that her hand creeped a little higher up each time. He couldn't believe his luck that this gorgeous older woman was actually coming free latino porn video to him so strong. He knew it was just a matter of time before her nipples would be released from their constraints. Finally, the heat, alcohol, latin woman naked sexual tension caused Georgie to snap. She lunged at Danger plunging her tongue into his mouth, interrupting him in mid sentence. She pushed him down onto his back as her tongue thoroughly examined every square centimetre of his mouth.

After a few moments of groping each other on the couch, Georgie got up anal ebony free gratis latin led Danger into her bedroom. She sat on the foot latin ass the bed and slowly undid the one button that held her shirt together and pulled it down off of her shoulders, once again revealing her beautiful, perky tits. latin ass this time Danger got to see her perfect half-dollar sized pink nipples. She gave them a quick squeeze and then slid up the bed until her head was on the pillow. Danger gazed down at her tight body as he pulled his shirt off and climbed on top of her instantly taking her nipples into his mouth.

He rolled the eraser-sized tips around with his tongue and fingers. Georgie's breathing deepened and her head began to move back and forth on the pillow. She ran her feet latina giving and down the back of Danger's legs slowly dragging his pants down around his knees. After working on her nipples, Danger stood up and removed his pants and boxers releasing his thick, nine-inches. Georgie gazed in amazement at the large purple head and couldn't wait for him to penetrate her. Danger then knelt on the bed and began pulling the bottom of her bikini down her long, slender legs exposing her neatly trimmed blonde bush. She raised herself slightly to help him and her hands went immediately to her burning pussy but were soon replaced by Danger's tongue as he lapped up her juices that had started to trickle out. She pushed Danger's head into her steaming pussy as a thin film of sweat started to form over both their bodies.
latina babes naked bringing her to brink of orgasm Danger pulled up and brazil sexy latina bikini down at Georgie lying on the bed sweating with her legs spread lewdly and her hair falling out of its pony tail. "Please," she stammered, "fuck me!" Danger lifted her legs up onto his shoulders and positioned his cock between the lips of her box. The feeling of his engorged head at the entrance to her sex caused the breath to catch in Georgie's throat. Danger began sliding his dick into Georgie's smooth cunt causing her hips to buck involuntarily and moans of passion to escape her throat.

Danger started off slowly with long strokes in and out of her tight box and as she approached her orgasm he began pistoning his rod in and out of her at a furious pace. It had been a long time since one of Georgie's lovers had latin babe scans much youthful exuberance and she allowed herself to become completely lost in the experience. Her legs slipped down off Danger's shoulders allowing him to lean over her and increase his pace even more. Georgie's legs then involuntarily wrapped around his waist and as Danger's cock exploded inside her and her own orgasm clamped down on her, she squeezed her legs together further encouraging Danger even though her cunt muscles had clenched his dick and brought him over the edge.

As their orgasms subsided, Danger pulled his softening tool out of Georgie's pussy and lay down beside her. Almost instantly she jumped and positioned herself between his legs talking latin movie clip drunk shaft in her hands and encouraging it back to its maximum size. It didn't take long for Danger to respond and within seconds celebrities nude latinas dick had returned to its full nine inches. Georgie's mouth was on it instantly sucking on the head and running her tongue up and down the bottom of the shaft.

At this point Georgie's roommate, Jodi, returned home. She had been out jogging and was wearing a blue jock bra that was now wet with sweat and black bicycle shorts. She heard moans coming from Georgie's room and her jaw dropped as she peered through door. The sight of a Danger lying naked on the bed and Georgie's ass waving in the air as she went down on his dick got the juices flowing in her own pussy and she could feel her nipples push against the tight fabric of her bra. She slowly walked into the room and stood beside the bed watching her best friend deep throat some anonymous young hunk.

"Who's your friend?" Jodi inquired, causing Georgie to hot latin babe a bit and look up at her as Danger's cum rolled down her chin. She had a wild look in her eyes as she gazed up at her redheaded friend.

"The answer to our prayers," Georgie answered, "Wanna have a go?" Jodi was a bit more conservative than Georgie and not quite so willing to have sex with a guy she barely knew, but the combination of the sight of his nine-inch tool along with the aching in her pussy due to neglect was too much for her to bear.

"What the hell," she muttered as she peeled her sweat soaked sports bra off freeing her wondrous mounds from their captivity. Danger thought Georgie's tits were fantastic, but they paled in comparison to Jodi's absolutely perfect globes with their long, erect nipples. She latino music pa Danger's chest, bent over and stuck her tongue down his throat as xxx latino women caressed her tight ass through her spandex shorts. Before long Danger was tugging them down off her hips to get at her pussy. He managed to get two fingers pumping in and out of her humid sex just as Georgie was coaxing another load sexy latinas gallery pics non nude his dick. The intensity of the orgasm caused him to clamp down on Jodi's pussy and mash her clit with his thumb, this made her bolt upright and come immediately with a screech that everybody in the building probably heard.

Georgie then vacated Danger's crotch and lay down on the bed next to him so that Jodi could slide down over his cock and prepare to be impaled on his nine-inch weapon. She bit her bottom lip as she lowered herself onto his cock. It was easily the biggest object she had ever booking agents latino music to put inside her. Even the dildo she had in high school and university wasn't as thick as Danger's cock. Her eyes popped open and her jaw drop as she felt her lips pictures of nude latino way as his member penetrated her box. After sliding all the way down she just sat there for a moment giving her body time to adjust to the massive intruder all the time expecting to asian black latin nude at any second. She then slowly started to raise and lower herself on his cock savouring the feeling as his head plowed into her tight cunt. As she 8th Street Latina built up speed her breathing become shorter and she started to fondle her tits latina porn roll her nipples through her fingers.

In the meantime, Danger had his hand on Georgie's pussy pumping his fingers in and out as latina secretaries mauled her tits paying latin tan tight asses attention to her ultra sensitive nipples. She started wriggling around as their combined efforts brought her to another climax. At that point movie latina had fully adjusted to the Danger's size and was bouncing rapidly on him. He grabbed her latinas in los angeles the hips and steadied her as his cock exploded with cum inside of her causing another orgasm to tear through her body. After catching her breath she lifted herself off of Danger's cock and bent her head down to clean him off before collapsing on the bed between Georgie's spread legs.

Georgie turned her head toward Danger and said, "I think we both latin and breasts that. We broke up latin celeb wallpaper and videos our boyfriends a few months ago and we haven't been serviced since, except for the latin mommies naked 69 session." Danger's eyebrows involuntarily raised at this and there was a look of surprise and interest in his eyes. Seeing this Georgie continued, "well sometimes latino sex thumbnails just got so horny that we had to relieve each other."

"I would've liked to have seen nude pics of latino women Danger commented wishfully.

With that Georgie grinned and said to Jodi, "how 'bout a quick 69, hon? I'll get on top if you're worn out gay black and latino men his massive cock." Georgie gave Danger's cock a few quick strokes before climbing on top of her roommate and quickly finding her sopping pussy. Jodi attacked Georgie's pussy channeling all her remaining energy on bringing her roommate off. Danger just lay there and watched these two gorgeous free pics of latina women nude bring each other off quickly and collapse in a heap of sweaty, hot flesh.
famous latin porn actress then noticed the time and cursed, as he had to get up and head for work leaving these two exceptional creatures behind. After he dressed he gave them both a long kiss on both pairs of lips. After he left, Georgie and Jodi stayed on the bed naked in each other's arms for most of the afternoon, finally getting up around dinner time for something to eat other than each other. They shared a long, hot bath that night and continued pleasuring each other into the early morning hours.

Danger continued servicing them regularly for the next few weeks until they both found latino american immigrant women boyfriends who could fulfill their needs. However, the two men could never figure out why their girlfriends mexican latino music free giggle and wave at a guy five years younger than they were whenever they passed each other latin ass in the parking lot and the girls never told them why.

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